How does a BIAvi look and how do I use it?

BIAvi frontview

2015-04-10_entwurf02-schmales-band-front-1_800pxThe BIAvi belly module is held by the handles with both hands and pushed to the belly, so that the contacts on the inside have a connection with the belly. The hole serves as an orientation point on the belly button as a fixed point.

The BIAvi senses when it has contact and automatically starts the measurement with an acoustic signal. After a few seconds, when the measurement is completed, a signal will sound again. The measurement result is displayed directly on the display.

BIAvi inside view

2015-04-10_entwurf02-schmales-band_800pxFor dry skin it is advisable to spray the contacts with a spray bottle. It is a standard accessory and works like a perfume spray with water. Moisture provides a better contact and the readings are more accurate during repetitions.

The measured values are usually between 20 – 60. They directly indicate the risk.