Identified as risk factor: The visceral fat

The visceral fat which is located in the abdominal cavity in the immediate neighborhood to the liver, is invisible from the outside. Depending on body mass, this adipose tissue grows to no more than 2-4 kg.

Adipositas, Foto: Fotolia, Eugenio Marongiu
When do I have a sick belly? Foto: Fotolia, Eugenio Marongiu

Why is visceral fat so dangerous?

Each excessive gram has a destructive effect on the entire body. Visceral fat is not a normal adipose tissue with the usual slow metabolic processes, but a very active one. In the course of continuous build-up and breakdown, visceral fat produces messenger- and inflammatory substances, causing many internal diseases, but also mental disorders. Visceral fat is statistically already classified as an equally dangerous risk factor as severe smoking.

We have succeeded in making the invisible belly fat measurable. Everyone can use the BIAvi device to measure their own risk.

We will inform you on this website about our development and the launch of BIAvi, the first device for the quick, accurate and individual measurement of visceral fat.