5 steps towards a healthy lifestyle with BIAvi

Traditional diets are not successful because the target is wrongly chosen. The focus of a diet usually is to reduce as much fat as possible. This goal is already more sensible than pure weight reduction but still diets are mostly not successful. In order to stay healthy, however, it is important to target the deeper abdominal fat (visceral fat). The strategy with BIAvi looks like this:

1. Measure Visceral fat

How much visceral fat do I actually have? The first step and hence the precondition for any change is to measure the visceral fat. This measurement finally is possible in just a few seconds with the new BIAvi.

Visceralfett is located deeply in the abdomen and “poisons” our internal organs.This is known for a long time but only now with BIAvi this fat can be measured quick and easy by everyone.

This can alternatively also be done with an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) or CT (computer tomography), which however always causes a radiation exposure. Both methods are expensive and time consuming. As a rough approximation the abdominal circumference can be used but this is strongly influenced by the less health-damaging subcutaneous fat (under skin fat) than by the visceral fat and therefore gives no exact statement about the risk status caused by excess adipose tissue in the abdominal cavity.

BIAvi-Users know: Unidentified fat depots around the internal organs (e.g., liver, intestine, even the heart) are a significant health rsik.

2. Evaluation of the Visceralfat analysis

How much visceral fat did my body develop? How much subcutaneous fat? The visceral fat is metabolically active. The subcutaneous fat is a relatively static depot fat with little risk potential.
The risk scale (1 – 100) shows how high the individual risk is. The lower the value the lower the individual risk. The physiological lower limit is 10. The most frequent values are between 20 and 50.

Regular daily BIAvi measurements even show small changes in the build-up and breakdown of the visceral fat. The larger the influencing variables (eg: hyper calorie intake, maximum physical performance, starvation), the more obvious are the changes.

One example: A two-day fast has changed the risk index from 40 to 37, after ten days the value was only 32. In other words, the visceral fat could already be reduced by one-fifth!

3. Set realistic targets

The development of the individual visceral adipose tissue does not only depend on activity, stress, sleeping habits or diet, but also around half due to genetic influences. Therefore, the goals must remain realistic. Also the hormone levels change during your lifespan. For this reason, women experience a considerably higher risk after the menopause because the “male” hormones have a greater influence.

An individual consultation for the target setting therefore is advisable.

4. The BIAvi App as companion

This app will help you define and reach your goals. The obligatory statement to ask the doctor or pharmacist sounds a bit strange, because neither the doctor nor the pharmacist perform a visceral fat analysis. Also no “pill” to reduce the visceral fat exists. This is probably also the reason why the medicine can not give treatment or therapy recommendations. Right now we are on our own.

The BIAvi-med device for professional applications in medical diagnostics is already under development.

The BIAvi measurements directly show continuous changes. One can immediately react. This bio-feedback is very important because everyone who uses BIAvi regularly learns about how different influences affect the personal risk. Did I sit too long or did I eat too much during the last days? How does my visceral fat change? Did I walk more and took the stairs instead of the elevator? Finally, the effect of even small changes in lifestyle is visible.

In comparison, the unloved scale only shows a “collective value”, which can not be assessed qualitatively. It can be water loss, which mocks “success” in the first days of a diet. Muscle mass, which is built up at the beginning of an effective fitness program, lets the scale stagnate. The result: Many people give up, although visceral fat is already reduced in their belly. Finally, this can be proved. The BIAvi specifically measures the visceral fat and can thus make a statement about the quality of the lifestyle changes. Therefore the BIAvi can be used optimally for self-responsible health behavior.

5. Sustainable Measures

If one summarizes all the experiences from the “diet world” of the last decades, it can be said:
Diets with the goal of a weight reduction are not successful in the long term. The reasons for this are manifold and fill thousands of scientific publications.

Measures which we recommend for the reduction of visceral fat are therefore completely different!

Of course, all caloric bombs cause an increase of visceral fat and a harmonious balance between pleasure and abstinence needs to be found. We however acknowledge this individuality, which means that not everybody feels the same enjoyment for the same food and drink, but also abstinence is felt quite differently. A focus on the nutritional behavior must be very sensitive and individual. Nobody will permanently forgo something which he absolutely needs for his souls’ peace! Especially not if there is an unfavorable genetic disposition. But also this person can develop strategies to reduce visceral fat, especially when the relationship and change becomes visible daily.

Stress hormones also influence the visceral fat directly. Here the measures are just as varied as the causes. How about the positive effect of targeted relaxation on visceral fat? BIAvi will help you understand!

Physical activity plays a decisive role in the energy balance, also for the buildup and the health of the muscles and the cardiovascular system. We know this for a long time and activity plays a decisive role in “visceral fat optimization strategies”. Take this quietly literally: Even the small steps count! Finally their effect becomes visible!

Sleep plays a major role. If one thinks that little sleep and a lot of “being vigil” consumes a lot of energy and therefore helps slimming and visceral fat degrades, is wrong. The body will only try to store the “fast” energy reserves in the abdomen because little sleep means stress and stress sets our organism into alert conditions. Does not everyone know them – these well-tempered, always balanced colleagues or friends who seem to eat as much as they want and neither gain nor become ill? Their balance might be a key to that.

There are many more aspects. The BIAvi app and a team of experts behind it will accompany you on your way to a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.