We are a group of health and fitness specialists. Our expertise concentrates in the field of bioimpedance analysis (BIA), the scientific data analysis of empirical research and the distribution of health products for consumers.

portrait-joerg_500x500pxJörg Tomczak / Founder

• Diploma in Sports Science at the DSHS and in Chemistry at the University of Cologne
• Promotional studies in sports medicine, biochemistry and physiology
• first scientific studies with the BIA method in Europe, validation with hydrodensometry, whole-body radioactivity measurement K40, reliability measurements and pioneer in marketing of the BIA in Europe since 1986. TV appearances, press, fairs, symposia
• Organization and sponsorship of an international project for the definition of reference values for body composition analyzes www.BIAdata.org, current status Dec. 2014> 470,000 participants
• international scientific collaborations and studies on the subject of body composition analysis
• self-employed since 1987: general manager of the BIA, since 1996 BIACOM GmbH merged into the EgoFit Gesundheitsberatung GmbH, development and distribution of BIA body composition analysis
• Process engineering and patent applications nationally and internationally for 8- and 12-channel BIA applications specifically for the determination of visceral adipose tissue (VAT)


detlev_platzhalter-300x300Detlev Penven / project partner Software Development

• started with scientific and technical orientation in biochemistry
• Afterwards studies of computer science in Gummersbach
• Development and programming activities with steadily increasing shares of management functions
• Self employed since 1999
• Project management and architectural responsibility in the development of various applications with millions of budgets in large enterprises
• Management of software development and conceptual work for the EgoFit Gesundheitsberatung GmbH with co-determining decision-making function in the planned business area since 1999


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